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Post on Mar 17, 2018

After the death of Michael, Ozery passed into the possession of his heirs, who set here the brewery, new bridge, two mills, water driven sawmill, cobbled path, a plant for the production of candles and tanning. During the Valitsky in Ozery the small tobacco factory worked, as well as brewery and winery, whose products were in considerable demand.

Post on Mar 17, 2018

Belarus is a country of interesting history and rich culture, a country of picturesque cities and towns. Today, as many years ago, in one of the beautiful corners of Hrodna, flaunts agro-town Ozery. This name comes from two lakes. On the one hand there is White lake, and on the other – Rybnitsa. In the documents Ozery was first mentioned in 1398 as "the court of Prince Vitovt", but life here was in full swing much before the specified time. Near the village were found the encampment of the stone and bronze ages, the revealed silicon wafer, knives, scrapers, cutters, dating back to the VIII – V Millennium BC. E., as well as bronze arrowheads, axes, pottery. In memory of those ancient times, stone monuments were installed near the sites of the findings. An important point is that these monuments were set by the efforts of concerned residents [6] (Annex 14).

Post on Mar 17, 2018

Mikhail Mitskevich is the real name and surname of the future count Valitsky. He was born in 1746 in the vicinity of Minsk, in a family of small nobles from Novogrudok district, who bought a small building here. As a child Michael lost his father. According to the tradition of that time, orphaned children were taken by families of wealthy relatives. Michael was taken by his mother's uncle,  Zn. Carver court, whose duties included the cutting of the dishes that are served on the table of the king or magnate, Buchynska, who lived near Mogilev [3].

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