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Putrishki (Belor. Agrogorodok Putrishki) — an agricultural town in Grodno district of Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus. The administrative center of Putrishkovskoe village Council.

Located off highway Р145 (Grodno — Ostrino — Radun — boundary of the Republic of Lithuania (Dotishki)) 2.5 km from city Grodno. The population of 2003 people. In the agricultural town there is a railway station "Kaplitsa" on the railway way Grodno-Vilnius and 2.5 km from the village station "Auls", 14 km from the airport rodno. Through the agro-town runs bus services on the route Grodno-Ozery.


In 1556 the Village Putrishki estate Rosata Grodno district on the possession of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania  J. Valovich. In 1565 the Yard Putrishki belonged to L. the Woiny.

From 1795 to 1796 the last Polish king Stanislav August Poniatowski with his retinue visited the vicinity of the village during his walks.

After the 3rd section of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795) - in the Russian Empire, since 1801 - in the Grodno province.

Since August 1915 it is occupied by Germany. From 01.01.1919 - in BSSR.

In world war II from June 1941 - occupied by German fascist invaders. 24-28 June 1941 Hitler's punishers shot more than 300 residents.

15.07.1944 G. soldiers of the 5th guards. Cavalry motto freed Putrishki.

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